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Evan-Talan Homes is a custom home builder and remodeler specializing in the luxury market.  Being "custom" means we can, or will try, anything.  No two projects are alike and we quite often run into new and complex challenges you'll only find working with a custom home.  You can count on Evan-Talan Homes' experience, creativity, and problem solving to find mulitple solutions to your own building needs.  We're always eager to learn and improve.  Our projects vary in size from a screened in porch addition to a $15million dollar estate.  While we have some tried and true floorplans, we will help you design the best space to suit the needs of you and your family.  Some of our projects start with a phone call, "we're interested in building, but not sure where to start."  Others have a lot and plans and are ready for permit.  We can help orchestrate all parts of the building process, including re-designing something midway through!  We can be involved in lot selection, orchestrate architects and interior designers, and we have our own in-house design capabilities to turn your vision into reality.  Our owner, Cory Childress, will take you through the initial process, step by step, a level of customer service that's hard to find anywhere else.  


Owning a house is a personal affair.   Building a custom home is an experience that is uniquely yours.   A home provides security, control, belonging, identity, and privacy, among other things.  But most of all, it's a place that provides us with a centering—a place from which we leave each morning and to which we return each evening.  Since 2007, Evan-Talan Homes has helped clients build their dream homes.  We understand the importance of making a house a home, and with 25 years of experience in the industry, owner, Cory Childress built this company on family, naming it after his two sons, Evan and Talan.

We work with only the best materials and craftsmen.  Our homes exceed standards and hold value for years to come.  From the ground up, we’ll help you personalize the details to suit your lifestyle, personality, and tastes including layout, cabinetry and flooring to the sinks, lighting, paint colors, and doorknobs.  Custom home building is all about the choices, and by collaborating with us, we help you maximize every inch of usable space. 

You can be assured of quality, as we have vetted each vendor we work with, requiring extensive attention to detail and quality of craftsmanship.  Working with Evan-Talan Homes, you can be confident you'll have control over every material, should you want it.  You’ll know the durability and dependability of every item or material in your home, how it will perform, and what it lends to a space aesthetically. We are here to provide you with options and information.  You’ll know the quality of every part of your home.  Let us make your dream home simpler with our enthusiastic team to walk you through each phase of the build process.  We can make your vision a possibility, with all the features you want in the location you desire. 

Evan-Talan Homes was founded by Cory Childress, who has extensive accomplished experience in the high end market of the home building industry.  Cory began building homes in 1994 and continues to offer a high level of stability to his clients.  He accomplishes this by remaining focused on the homeowner's desires with each project.  

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